Are your products low frequency, square wave?


Is your lighting UL/CUL listed?


Why should I purchase lighting products from SunPlix?


  1. Our ballasts are built in patent technology to extend  lamp lifetime.
  2. Our ballasts are low frequency, square wave.
  3. Our reflectors are designed by experienced growers and made of high quality materials.
  4. We provide the best customer service so your plants will always have light .

What brand lamp/bulb do you recommend?


Can I use other brand lamps on your lighting?


Can your lighting be controlled remotely?

Yes. We have different options of light control.

How far away can your ballast fire up a lamp?

>100 feet.

What's the warranty policy on your lighting?

3 years on ballast and reflector. 1 year on bulb.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from VA, USA.

Do you ship worldwide?