Philips 315W CDM/CMH T12 Bulbs




Philips 315W CDM/CMH T12 Bulb

Philips 315W T12/930
Philips 315W T12/942

Philips GreenPower MasterColor 315W CDM CMH T12 Bulb offers an unrivaled level of light quality and performance. Its sparkling white light creates a natural environment and really brings out the best in all different types of colors.
The bulb is “O”rated so it can be installed in closed and open fixtures. It has two color versions: 930/3100K and 942/4200K.
This bulb is best to work with SunPlix  CMH-315 series low frequency, square wave digital ballasts.



 Philips GreenPower MasterColor 315W CDM CMH T12 Bulb

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in
Lamp Type

Philips T12/930 3100K 3k, Philips T12/942 4200K 4k


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