CMH-860W Knob Dimming Ballast


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CMH-860W Knob Dimming Ballast


CMH-860W low frequency, square wave knob dimming digital ballast, built in Fuzzy Logic technology, can keep lumen maintenance rate higher than 95% at 30,000 hours and maintain the initial spectrum. It can ignite bulbs more than 100 feet away. With LamPal® technology, this ballast can work with 1000W, 860W, 775W and 630W CMH/HPS/MH DE/SE bulbs. With the dimming knob, you can turn on/off the light and decrease a 860W lamp to 775W, 630W and boost it to 1000W. You can use a 630W DE lamp and increase power to 775W or use a 1000W lamp to decrease power to 860W, 775W and 630W.

When lamp power is decreased, it saves energy and shifts light spectrum to more blue light for veggies; when lamp power is increased, it outputs more strong light and shifts light spectrum to more red light to grow more and bigger flowers and shorten the growing circle.

Characteristics of CMH-860W/K Knob Dimming Ballast

Input power 1081W
Output power (Max)1000W
Operating voltage120V/208V/230V/240V
Amperage drawn5.7A(120V, 630W), 5.20A/208V, 4.71A/230V, 4.51A/240V
Safe voltage94V~276V
Input frequency50/60Hz
Power factor>0.99
Lamp wire length (Max)>100 feet (16 gauge lamp wire)
Power/light output0W (On/Off), 630W, 775W, 860W, and 1000W
Protection functionsProtection of short-circuit, open-circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, hot lamp startup, lightning, over heat, and lamp failure with lamp life warning.
Size L: 12.2”, W: 9”, H: 4.25”
Net weight9.9 lbs
Warranty3 years


  • CMH-860W digital ballast should work on operating voltage with corresponding bulbs. High power bulb can be used to dim to low power output. If you need to increase the power of low power bulb, you should install the lamp in a closed hood.
  • The work environment temperature for the ballast ranges from -40 F°/-40 C° to +122 F°/+50 C°, the maximum work temperature of its shell can be +158 F°/+70 C°.
  • The ballast should avoid working under high temperature environment which will affect its service life.
  • If the ballast is damaged, it cannot be opened. Users should exchange it with suppliers or send it to the factory for maintenance.


SunPlix CMH ballast is the real low frequency, square wave CMH ballast!

Other brand CMH ballast is NOT the real low frequency, square wave CMH ballast

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 13 x 11 in
Power Cord Type

120V 8', 240V 8'


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