CMH-315R Reflector

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CMH-315R Reflector


We use the highest quality reflective material to make this SunPlix CMH-315R reflector.  The reflector is designed specifically for 315W CMH grow bulb to meet or exceed the expectation of high end professional growers.

High Reflective Material:
This material is based on advanced coating systems. It has a balanced high reflective rate of 90%-98% from 380nm to 800nm.

The systems are applied to an electrochemically brightened high purity aluminium substrate coil, and start with an anodized base coat which gives a hard support to minimize abrasion damages. The coil is then treated under vacuum with specially developed processes to maximize coating adhesion and is vacuum coated with a super pure reflection layer of 99.9% pure silver.


SunPlix CMH-315R reflector is designed to minimize reflections inside.  This design reduces light energy loss and provides even light spread.

The reflector is designed to be shallow with vent on top.  This design minimizes the heat downwards so plants can have more room to grow.

SunPlix CMH-315R reflector designed specifically for 315W CMH bulb.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 7 in


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